Avoiding Online Reputation Management Mistakes

online reputation managementOne of the most important components of any business strategy is online reputation management. However, far too many business owners either ignore this component completely or make damaging mistakes that hurt their bottom line. These are just a few of those mistakes and how to avoid them.

Ignorance is Not Bliss

Ignoring online reputation management is one of the biggest missteps a company can make. Regardless of how busy you may be, it is essential that you take time every day to check every online account your business has, such as your social media pages, comments on your website and more. People tend to post comments on more than one site, and many of them expect a response as quickly as possible. Look at sites affiliated with your company at least twice a day, including Google +, Twitter, Facebook and others.

Sharing Your Opinion on Hot-Button Topics

You might have very strong opinions on topics such as religion or politics, but sites linked to your business are typically not the appropriate forums to share them. It can be very tempting to share your views on certain controversial issues – and, in many cases, many of your customers will share the same sentiments. But you want your company-related websites to appeal to everyone. Try to remain neutral so that you avoid turning off people who could be vital to your business.

Engaging Customers When You are Angry

Just about every business will receive a negative online review once in a while, and many times this type of review will not be warranted. The key is to keep a level head and address criticism – whether it is valid or not – in the most open-minded, objective manner possible. If you respond in anger a lot of people will see it. If you come across as defensive, that could result in unintended consequences.

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