Common DIY Web Design Mistakes

Web DesignWeb design is easier than ever before – at least that is what some of the commercials you see for “do-it-yourself” services promise. But while putting your page on the Internet may be relatively simple, that does not mean it will be built to generate traffic and help you make money. Here are just a few of the more common DIY mistakes we see on a regular basis.

Failing to Cater to Mobile Users

You could have a great web design from a looks standpoint, but that will not mean a thing if it does not generate traffic. A major mistake is not making sure your site meshes easily with smartphones and tablets. You may think all you need to do to make your site “mobile-friendly” is to streamline it a bit, but the truth goes much farther than that. It will be imperative that your site be able to quickly adapt, no matter the environment. Your design needs to be responsive enough so that the user experience is good regardless of the device a visitor uses to access your site.

Slow or Useless Widgets

Just about everyone trying a DIY web design project thinks they have to automatically put social media buttons on their site. But you might not really need them – especially if social media is not one of your top priorities. If those little buttons slow load time, you either need to get rid of them completely or just narrow them to the essentials.

Cluttering Up Your Home Page

When someone visits your website, he or she probably wants information fast. Most visitors do not want to waste time looking at pretty sidebars, photos or long, monotonous text blocks. Get to the point of what you are offering using a clean, modern design that clearly states your message.

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