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Local-Directory-SubmissionsOne of the best local online marketing strategies is getting your business listed in the proper online directories. Before the internet was fully scaled for general use, businesses relied on marketing assets such as the Yellow Pages to get their business connected to local consumers.

The internet has changed the way customers connect with businesses. Everything is now digital and the Yellow Pages printed edition has become obsolete. Today, hundreds of online directories have become the online version of the Yellow Pages. It is critical your business be properly listed on the best online directories.

Choosing the Best Directories

There are hundreds of online directories but not all directories are equal. For best results, your business should be listed on online directories that are geographically specific and industry specific. In other words, if you are an attorney in Denver, you should not be listed on a restaurant directory in Dallas.

Additionally, your business should be listed on directories that carry a high Google Page Rank and those that are noted for online reputation. The team at Active Digital Strategy has the knowledge to get your business properly listed on the best directories to maximize your local online marketing strategy.

Get Listed Properly

There is one major factor in maximizing your local online marketing strategy with the local online directories. Your name, address and phone number must be an exact match on all the directories. Any deviation could potentially cause a problem in getting properly listed. Our team works with hundreds of online directories getting our clients properly listed on the best directories and properly removed from the wrong directories.

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