Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click internet marketingPay Per Click (PPC) literally means you pay a dollar amount every time someone clicks your ad link. This form of advertising has become one of the most competitive and expensive ways to get found online. Everyone is competing for one of the top three positions on the ad space on page one of a Google search and spending top dollar to get there.

Many SEO companies push Pay Per Click as the definitive solution to getting your website listed on page one of a Google search. You might even hear other companies say that pay per click can guarantee you getting listed on page one of a Google search. What they don’t say is that the cost could be tremendous and the return minimal.

Making Pay Per Click Work

There is a place for pay per click ads but it must be part of the overall strategy and the strategy itself. We will only recommend pay per click when there is a purpose behind it. A proper PPC campaign requires procedural work such as A/B testing, keyword research, negative keyword analysis and more. Additionally, our internet marketing agency can put together a strong PPC campaign based on the specific type of business you are to ensure proper brand integration.

Pay Per Click is Ongoing

PPC requires ongoing analytics and adjustments to be successful. You can’t set it and forget it. It is fluid and must respond to search trends of the day. Our pay per click team has built out successful campaigns that have helped in increasing customer traffic while at the same time staying within a budget.

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