Online Reputation Marketing

online brand marketingYour online reputation is everything. Potential customers are influenced by what others write about their experience with your business. Having a strong online reputation is critical to growing your business. It can mean the difference of large scale customer traffic or little to no customer traffic.

The best way to manage your online reputation is to establish a solid reputation with your customers and the local community off-line. However, sometimes you just can’t satisfy everyone. Reviews can be written on review sites like Yelp, or any of the social media sites. Our online reputation services are intended to help you preserve a positive identity online. There are two approaches to online reputation – reputation marketing and reputation monitoring.

Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing is a proactive system that creates a culture of review writers by your customers. We have a review writing system that will remind a customer to rate their experience first and then based on how they rate you; they are directed to two review avenues. A poor review writer will be directed to you allowing you to resolve the issue with the customer. A positive review will be directed to go online to write their review. Contact our team top schedule a time where we can show you how this exciting program works.

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation monitoring is where we monitor the internet for negative reviews written about your business. When a negative review is written on the review websites we have determined as important sites, we capture the review and send the review to you so you can write both a private response and a public response. We adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to review marketing and review monitoring.

Three Keys to Online Reputation

Reviews written by your customers are invaluable to the business owner who wants to provide a high level of customer service. There is no better way to judge how you are doing outside of your customers writing reviews. However, there are three key rules to implementing a proper reputation campaign.

  1. Never give incentives to get customer’s to write reviews
  2. Never write false reviews
  3. Always ask a customer to rate their experience with you

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