Restaurant Websites

Website for restaurants that workThe most important asset any restaurant can have is a website that gets the restaurant visible online and converts website views into customer traffic. A properly built website should increase a restaurant’s online reservations, covers and exposure. Our team has successfully developed SEO strategies for restaurant websites that accomplish those and more.

We Do All The Work

You are busy running your restaurant. When would you have time to learn all of the rules for proper content writing and SEO integrations to your new website? Yet many SEO agencies require you to provide all of the web content. Not at Active Digital Strategy! Our professional writers write all of the content for our restaurant websites. We adhere to Google’s best practices when writing content. Let our team do all of the labor-intensive work for you.

Two Key Steps to Success

Planning the call to action on your restaurant website is the first key step to the sites success. Just as a lawyer’s website must be carefully thought out, a restaurant website must be carefully planned and executed. Whether it is to get customers to use your online reservation system, email you for information on private events, click on the map link for directions or download the monthly coupon to bring them into your restaurant, the call to action is the first key step towards success.

The second key step to a restaurant websites success is getting customers to act on your call to action. Your website might have an online reservation system on it such as Open Table, but if the location of the link is not strategically positioned, customers will not click the link.

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