Websites for Doctors

doctor computer online internetActive Digital Strategy has designed, developed, implemented and managed websites for doctors backed by proper SEO services. Having a medical website is not enough when trying to compete for the local patient population. You must have a comprehensive online marketing plan that will get your clinic visible online with a website that provides relevant information that today’s patients are looking for. Our websites get doctors found online and increases their patient traffic.

Medical Websites

The local patient community will search online to learn about your practice and the services you offer. Even if the patient is referred to you by another physician, the patient will research you first. Having a website that gets found is important. But having a website that is easy to navigate with relevant information is key. Our team has successfully built and managed many medical websites that get found by the local patient community and increases patient traffic for the physician.

Reputation Matters

In today’s digital age, what a person says about your practice will directly impact your local reputation. Positive or negative, people are influenced by what others say. Active Digital Strategy offers an effective reputation system that will help build your online reviews by having your patients write about their experience with you. Contact our team to learn how it can mitigate negative reviews while maintaining Google’s best practices.

Integrate Patient Portals

While restaurant websites integrate an online reservation platform, doctor websites should integrate their online patient portal. Most medical practices have implemented electronic medical record systems into their clinic. Included in many of these EMR systems is a patient portal that is both secure and HIPPA compliant. Our team can properly implement the patient portal system into our medical websites.

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