Why You Still Need a Sound SEO Strategy

SEO StrategyWhile there are some that claim SEO is dead, the overwhelming evidence shows that a sound SEO strategy is still vital to helping a business make the most of its online presence. These are just a few reasons why you need to seriously consider implementing such a strategy for your company.

It Still Works

Techniques used to improve SEO are proven to be effective, regardless of the algorithm updates Google has made. More importantly, a good SEO strategy will continue to work for the foreseeable future. Even video and audio searches will ultimately need the right keywords in order to show up in searches, which will help ensure this time-tested approach will remain successful.


When you choose the right Internet marketing company to devise and execute your SEO strategy, you will continue to reap benefits long after the program has been implemented. It is an extremely cost-effective approach, especially when you consider the costs of purchasing leads for a marketing program, pay-per-click advertising, marketing on social media and others. Organic SEO should remain the bedrock of your online presence for years to come.

Tech-Savvy Customers

The people who purchase products and services are turning to the Internet more and more to help with their buying decisions. Research shows that up to 90 percent of customers will first check online reviews before they make a decision, and this number is only expected to grow larger in the future. It is essential they find you rather than your competition. And speaking of the competition, you can bet that the companies in your space understand the value of SEO and are using it every day.

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